What is so Powerful about Microsoft Power BI?

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power bi

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Free, self-service and easy to use Power BI tool by Microsoft has been benefiting many businesses’ and data scientists. Here we will share the reasons behind its increasing popularity and growing demand.

 Money Matters – It is an extremely affordable tool because you can get its basic version for free. If you are willing to spend $9.99 per user, per month then it also has a more developed version. We would suggest you, to begin with, basic version then if required move to pro version.

Brand Matters – Microsoft! It is Microsoft’s interactive data visualization BI tool and therefore it is well integrated with other business suites of Microsoft like Excel, Azure, and SQL Server. So it doesn’t give you feeling of an alien product when using for the first time.

Familiarity with Microsoft Excel – If you have been using Excel in the past or are using it in the present, then adapting Microsoft Power BI will be very easy for you as the tool navigation is alike. It also offers a seamless transition.

Huge range of Report Visualisation – With the availability of 16 different interactive chart types and various creative graphs, one can easily represent data in multiple formats and visualisations.

Gives accessibility to more than 40 different data sources – With this tool, one can access data from Hadoop, Google Analytics, Online version of QuickBooks, Tableau Desktop, and many more.

It’s going to get Better – Microsoft Power BI keeps on expanding and gaining new features almost every month. So you will never be using an outdated product. With every new relevant technology and feature in the market, this Power BI tool will upgrade itself. Sometimes it might be the one introducing new features. So your business efficiency will always stay up-to-date.

Publish to Web – As per the latest announcement by Microsoft, “Publish to Web” feature will be generally available to both free and pro users. With this feature, users can easily share data visualisations/ data stories created within Power BI publicly with dedicated HTML snippets and URLs.

Apart from fulfilling all the basic requirements of a good BI tool, its price value is very much appreciated by the users. It’s swift pace of bringing in new features and enhancements is setting a benchmark for other BI tools. If you are looking for a self-sufficient, easy to use, and rapidly growing BI tool then Microsoft Power BI might be the one for you.

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