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Top 9 Software Trends from 2021

    Software development is a constantly evolving sector with many companies embracing this digital acceleration. Technologies have been emerging and evolving within the sector during 2021. Covid-19 has accelerated this technological progression, resulting in a range of new software trends. Staying up to date on current sector trends will assure your company is prepared for the future and best able to drive development advancements. In the competitive market, these trends will support new ways to drive operations forward, benefitting companies bottom line.

    Native App Development

    This approach is gaining momentum in numerous sectors where flawless performance, reliability, security and quality is in demand. Sectors such as financial tech and multimedia, are driving this trend. Native app development offers increased user experience and performance.

    1. The Internet of Things

    IoT is rapidly growing, including innumerable connected devices across many industries. Devices with built in Wi-Fi connectivity means they can connect to both the internet and other devices. These software operated devices are providing modern convenience in sectors including healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, and shipping. The Internet of Things is becoming extremely trendy with increasing application opportunities across numerous sectors with differing levels of sophistication.

    2. Human Augmentation

    Human augmentation is when technologies enhance, compliment, or replace humans’ natural abilities. Technology implants in the body help improve natural capabilities such as hearing, or sight. New versions of human augmentation will be able to significantly improve peoples lives.

    3. Big Data

    Big data is software that extracts data, analyses, and reveals patterns and trends from large sets of data, too complex for traditional data-processing applications. Batch processing frameworks such as big data will facilitate research, processing and data governance.

    4. Artificial Intelligence Expansion

    AI has been a large trend for several years, developing to become more popular, powerful and widespread. It has a huge impact on how we live, work and play and is only in its early stages of development. Ai is being used in a range of sectors, including eCommerce, education and healthcare. It helps provide a more personal experience from companies to their customers and will continue to progress as one of the top trends in software.

    5. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

    Progressive web apps are becoming a valuable balance between easily accessible apps and top-quality performance. This software is trending because it provides users with a fully developed and full-screen experience using less data and reducing load times. Progressive web apps provide a revolution of web development.

    6. Low-code Development

    The low-code development trend simplifies programming language to provide coding access. This software trend has the capability to revolutionise the market as it significantly reduces manual work and provides a simple way for people to build new apps with lo investments.

    7. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

    Robotic process automation uses software to automate repetitive processes, such as handling data and processing transactions. RPA allows companies to configure software to capture and interpret applications for manipulating data, processing transactions, communicating with other digital systems, and triggering responses.

    8. Blockchain

    Blockchain offers security as data can only be added too, and not taken away from or changed- making a chain of data. Blockchains are consensus driven meaning no one person can have full control over the data which helps prevent fraud in sensitive transactions. A trusted third party is required to validate transactions.

    Software development is a constantly developing industry. It is constantly growing and becoming more diverse. 2021 has seen many developments within the software sector which have driven remarkable results. The increase in companies utilising digital acceleration has resulted in many considering different ways to use technology to meet their needs and goals.

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