Top 6 reasons for Upgrading to Windows 10 for Free

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All of you must have seen the pop-up or recommendation to upgrade your computer operating system to Windows 10. Some of you must have done it while some people are still thinking if they should or should not. You appear to be in the latter group and maybe that’s why you are here reading this blog. We have been using it for a long time and we feel it’s a solution to all the problems people complained about in Windows 8. Microsoft received the feedback and keeping that in mind it has created Windows 10. It has all the benefits of previous versions and more while none of its issues.

So here we are sharing our experience of Windows 10, hoping it will help you in making a choice before the expiry date of free upgrade.

  1. Start Menu

Starting with the “start” menu. We all missed it in Windows 8 and may be Microsoft missed it too so it is back. Although it is not similar to Windows 7 but better. Good for us!

  1. Live tiles

If you like them, it’s great but if you don’t simply unpin them. It is a customizable feature. Although for me it adds to my convenience.

  1. Cortona

It is a younger sibling of Siri. It will assist you in your search or queries. Although I am still trying to get used to it but maybe in future, I will be able to utilize it more.

  1. Virtual Desktop

Go on and create as many virtual desktops as your hardware can handle. If you don’t have or don’t like to use multiple monitors but you work requires the same, then the virtual desktop is the solution for you. Windows 10 provide the best support for creating and working on virtual desktops.

  1. Hello! Hello!

No need to remember the password or worry about security because Windows 10 comes with biometric authentication. If you share it with your family members, then it can recognize them as well. Wondering why the heading is Hello. That’s because the name of this feature is Hello.

  1. It’s Free

Do we need to say more!

Get the future of Windows while it’s still free i.e. before 29th July 2016 because later on it will cost you £99.99.

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