Top 5 benefits of SharePoint Intranet

An Intranet is powerful thing that can be used to boost your organization’s productivity by manifold. The traditional use of intranet is to provide a secure database where your employees could share files, documents, calendars etc. and you could also share the relevant information with your business partners and vendors as well. But Microsoft has brought in a lot innovation for their SharePoint intranet to make it stand out by making it more effective in terms of search, employee engagement and collaboration.

Here are the top benefits of SharePoint Intranets.
SharePoint 2013

1. Collaboration made easy

As the size of an organization grows, collaboration among people becomes increasingly complex. SharePoint provides the flexible environment where you can work on feature rich project sites which end users can also manage. The apps sharing and instant messaging enables multiple people to collaborate in real-time.

2. Easy document management

As more and more information is generated on daily basis and stored in different formats and locations, it is becomes very difficult and time consuming for employees to search for the accurate information they’re looking for. An effective and robust document management system can make the information faster and easier to access. By empowering your partners and customers with an ease of access to relevant information, the customer service can be improved immensely

 Also, SharePoint helps you to maintain and manage different versions of documents and have the ‘single version of truth’ that is most relevant at the given point of time.

 3. Get efficient by going social

SharePoint intranet has contributed a lot in improving the scope and speed of communication within an organization. Employees can create the profiles, join relevant groups, create teams, update the proceedings of the task they’re working on. So that you can keep track of what’s going on and plan the next steps better. You can share the relevant information and news to relevant people within your teams.

 4. Excellent automation

In SharePoint intranet you can create workflows, automate business processes and expedite the matters so as to facilitate the better and faster decision making. With SharePoint you can automate your several tasks to avoid unnecessary intervention by individuals, thereby increasing speed and reducing errors.

The operational efficiency achieved by automation will also help in improving personal productivity as employees can focus on solving the right problems rather managing administrative work.

5. A complete workplace

A SharePoint intranet with its many innovative features and benefits can be an effective platform to manage your entire projects from start to finish. You can assign tasks to employees and organize the work on daily basis to produce optimum results. It provides deep insights to managers as they can keep track of the processes and handle multiple projects with ease.

When implemented properly, SharePoint intranet can make significant improvements in the organizational effectiveness.

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