The need for effective SharePoint Governance

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For the proper functioning any organization-small or big, the right governance is an essential part. Without the proper governance, things can go out of control and then bringing everything on the right track again can be a tedious and burdensome work.
Your SharePoint environment is no different. Don’t expect it run smoothly and monitor itself on its own. You must protect it with the proper governance in place having, the right permissions and access levels to the right users and not everyone.

Let’s look at what SharePoint Governance is-
SharePoint Governance involves a set of rules, guidelines, policies, roles & responsibilities for the smooth and effective use of SharePoint within your organization. It determines how the various features of SharePoint will be used, who can use them and what tools will be used.

But, do I really need SharePoint Governance plan at my workplace?
SharePoint governance is not only about limitations and restrictions on who can access what, but SharePoint governance is required to see if it’s delivering the desired business value or not, is it making your organization more efficient and productive or not.

Here are some of the important reasons that you should consider-

1. To streamline your work and keep it that way.
Over time, as the size of your organization and scope of your work increases, diverse mix of working styles and approaches can be seen. Different users storing and organizing content in different styles, making the collaboration process difficult and confusing. Right governance standards can keep a check on such inefficiencies causing hindrance in your projects.

2. To optimize your entire SharePoint environment
On the surface it may look that some of the individual SharePoint team sites are performing well, but in an ungoverned scenario, you may have many individually managed sites that are not helping to optimize the business benefit your SharePoint implementation capable of delivering.

3. To keep your organization’s system secure and compliant
With certain regulatory processes and security measures, it is easy to manage the flow and access to the important information within organization. A right governance naturally leads to effective compliance management.

So, how to have a good SharePoint Governance plan in place?

1. Make it a priority
You have to take governance seriously and make it a priority. The impact of new technologies and developments should be carefully assessed in order to make favorable changes and adapt.

2. Organize your information
Carefully organize your content and documents as per the information architecture and taxonomy. You should have a periodic review of this and employ proper IT services to support it.

3. Make it an ongoing process
Regularly reviewing your strategy as the business grows and changes is very crucial. Have a governance committee to evaluate and adjust the governance policies as needed. The goal is maximize the ROI from SharePoint implementation. As the technology matures and new avenues keep coming, one must be able adapt successfully.

4. Set quantifiable targets
SharePoint governance plan helps set measurable targets for both business and technical aspects of your SharePoint implementation. For example, it can tell whether you could save time in your routine operations, creating efficient workflows by minimizing the no. of iterations each document goes through. Without a proper governance plan it’s hard to measure the success of accomplishments in a concrete way.

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3 thoughts on “The need for effective SharePoint Governance”

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