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As a responsible company, we hold it our duty to build our business with respect for human rights and care to the environment. We believe that sustainable development is the foundation of an effective business strategy.

Human Rights

We respect and promote human rights and treat people equally regardless of their nationality, age, and sex. We don’t allow human rights abuses and prevent forced labor and discrimination in employment.

Health and Safety

We aim to create safe and healthy working conditions for our employees. Every employee is instructed on safe work practices and can get first aid in the office. Our employees get medical insurance and reimbursement of fitness expenses.

Additionally, we ask our employees to report unsafe situations at the workplace and take timely measures to prevent accidents and occupational diseases.

Environmental Responsibility

We are a bit believer to the protection of the environment and addressing environmental challenges, such as climate change. We adhere to and encourage our business partners and vendors to follow a number of rules, such as:

Corporate Governance and Business Ethics

Ethical behavior is the core of our business strategy. We ensure the transparency in business operations and strongly stand for anti-fraud and anti-corruption, elimination of bribery and coercion. We believe that this approach is one of the keys to maintain trust among employees and with our customers and business partners.

Promoting Sustainability Issues in Interaction with Customers and Business Partners

We communicate our sustainability policy directly to our business partners and customers and expect them to keep to the principles of environment protection and human rights observance. We engage our vendors and business partners to consider the environment impact their or our joint business may cause and take measures to prevent negative consequences.

Sustainability Communication

We are open and consistent in our sustainability ideas and constantly promote them worldwide. We share our knowledge through marketing materials and corporate website to make IT business more sustainable.