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What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a specific type of database which collects information in groups know as blocks. The blocks hold all the information, each block has a certain storage capacity, which when filled are chained onto the previous block. This then forms a chain of data, which is held in chronological order of when it was created and added to the chain.

Blockchain can significantly reduce the risk of data breach and security risks. Blockchain is an encrypted and distributed database which records data.

How Blockchain can benefit your business

Blockchain technology can benefit your business and give it new opportunities, enhance your security and allows for easier traceability. An audit trail is created so you can verify and see where the data has come from and check it’s authenticity. Each new transaction is encrypted and chained to the last input of data, making it much easier to manage and check the data. You can create permissions for individual access therefore you can control who can access the data and contribute to it. Because of these features it largely reduces the risk of fraud or a security breach, making the data much harder to be hacked or changed. Blockchain allows you to keep your business safe and secure at all times.

Our Part 

We will develop and design a blockchain custom for your business, personalised for your needs and goals. Helping you get the most out of a blockchain application and utilise all its benefits. Improving data control, optimise business opportunities and advancement, and save on costs.

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