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How we can help with cloud migration

We can help you migrate your applications to leverage the power of Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS. We are experts in both applications. 

As your business grows so can your database, the cloud has the ability to expand within the existing infrastructure when you need it too. It allows you to scale up or down depending on your business demands and needs. Our team can help you migrate your data fast and safely with either application. 

How we work with you to migrate data

We work closely with your team to make the migration smooth and effective. We do this by analysing and planning your needs, and by carrying out pre-migration checks. Planning an efficient schedule and utilising our experience in migrating a large volume of data. This means your migration will be successful and completed on time. The migration not only moves your data, but it can also help organise it and add relevant tags. Our work flow and how we work with your business has proven successful every time.

Microsoft Azure

Azure simplifies data management and infrastructure, improves costs scalability and security. Modernising your digital platform with vast cloud capabilities and flexibility. Azures infrastructure scales to your business needs, migrate to Azure cloud in a single main central hub, making your migration easy.

Amazon AWS

Amazon AWS is experienced in the organisation and migration of all sized workloads and data to the cloud. Business can benefit from improvements in productivity, operations and business agility. Any workload can be migrated from websites, storage, applications and databases. Use AWS migration tools that best suit your business.

The Process


Assess and plan desired business outcomes and needs from the migration, along with what data will be migrated. Evaluate a schedule and costs, and identify opportunities for improvement.  


Prepare the workloads and environment, set up migration tools and plan the process. Validate the framework and test the migration. Finalise migration strategy, sync the data and start the migration.


When migration is finished you can continue to optimise and improve the migration as the business needs change. Easy to manage, monitor and backup the data, utilising performance.

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