Office 365 Intranet


Our client is a Business Change Consultancy which specializes in change management, learning engagement, communications and project management across broad section of industries.


To develop a tailor-made SharePoint Intranet built on top of Office 365 that could suit to the needs of their business and making it more manageable, effective and automated. It also needed to be future proof with the changes to Office 365 which were being made with Microsoft.


Keeping in mind the business and dynamics of the client we built a SharePoint Intranet that was customized according to their needs and requirements. It utilized best practices and recommendations from Microsoft. Built entirely using the new SpFX Framework and without any master page modifications, we ensured that this intranet would not interfere with the changes Microsoft made to the Office 365 platform.

Built on top of Microsoft Office 365 we provided them a made-to-order intranet which can serve both as a communications platform as well as a document collaboration area.



Our client achieved the goal of bringing people closer and work in a more closely knit way using the new Office 365 Intranet. The new collaboration structure also provided an organised methodology to work with projects and store related documents in a much more logical method which enabled easier taxonomy navigation and search.

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