Global Food Application

Our Client

A global provider of distinctive, high-quality ingredients and solutions to food, beverage, and other industries.


Our task was to develop the workflow using SharePoint for the approval, rejection or reassignment of the documents.


This process allowed our client to manage their business well with fewer errors, which led to lesser risk. A proper workflow also saves time and increases productivity. The work became easily scalable through the complete redesigned workflow infrastructure.


The main purpose of the project was the workflow approval, rejection or reassignment. Being a global food provider, our client gives a chance to its users to invent new food items and write about the ingredients used by them in the process like a recipe book. The documents will undergo an approval, rejection or reassignment process through the workflow method. There are multiple library processes compiled into one. The SharePoint document library is used to store the documents in it once they are approved for publishing.

Thus, our task was to develop the workflow using SharePoint for them. During the workflow process, any approvers can approve or reject or place the comment and the users can go read and redesign. Therefore, we did a custom coding on SharePoint by injecting a code into it. Once the user writes and submits the documents, an email will be notified to an approval team and then it’ll get published. As every document has a review date, we designed a small tool that’ll notify them regarding the review date, within 2-3 days.

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