Office Delve: A Unique Blend of Search & Social

In an ever-changing cloud services scenario, Microsoft is introducing new features and functionalities to its Office 365 environment to help people be more connected at work and be productive while minimizing the effort on user’s part. Office Delve is one such example.

So, what is Delve?

‘Delve is an experience within Office 365 that surfaces relevant content and insights tailored to each person. It is powered by the Office Graph, an intelligent fabric that applies machine learning to map the connections between people, content and interactions that occur across Office 365’, says Microsoft.

As the size of your business continues to grow, so does the volume of data and information you work with. Many projects, increasing clients, multiple documents with several versions, growing no.of employees and teams bring in lot of complexities with them. Working with lots of information and keeping track of everything then becomes a tedious task which may hamper the overall productivity in one way or the other.

Microsoft has decided to address this very issue within Office 365 environment with Office Delve. Delve is an exciting concept where you don’t have spend time in searching for information, rather right information comes to you.

Delve uses the Office graph which groups content based on your activities, such as what you viewed, what you’ve been working on and with whom, what’s been shared with you and likewise. You can also do a quick search to find any document or file that you want to view. However, Delve respects privacy of users. It never changes any permissions. People can not view your private documents. Users can only see what they have access to.

The Office graph automatically learns what’s important to you. Based on the insights, it serves the right content from Office 365 environment. It also gathers content from SharePoint & OneDrive for Business, Yammer, Office 365 video and even your email attachments.

Microsoft has also enhanced the search capability by allowing users to do ‘people based search and discovery’ to learn more about a specific person and what’s trending around them.  In addition to this, you can help motivate your colleagues by publicly recognizing their efforts by sending your message using ‘Praise’ feature, which appears on recipient’s profile. People can click ‘like’ to increase the recognition. An email is sent to recipient’s manager to make them aware of the individual’s efforts. That’s a nice touch in addition to recognition given by peers!

The new ‘authoring canvas’ lets you express yourself better by creating multimedia rich pages in SharePoint online. You could share your experience of your recent trip, review the latest gadget you bought, share knowledge and opinions on topics of your interest. Authoring canvas allows you to edit and view pages and auto-save as you work. According to Microsoft, ‘Today, the authoring canvas helps you create engaging blog posts, and in the future, it will be enabled for use in creating various types of pages in Office 365, including those for individual profiles, Office 365 Groups and future NextGen Portals.’

The video below explains how easy it is to publish your blog post.

[youtube id=”2owYQp2Y76g” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]

Delve goes mobile

Microsoft has also launched Delve mobile apps for Android and iPhone, so that you are always connected and are fully equipped to access, discover and share information with others even on the go. You can even receive notifications on your connected Android Wear.

Take a look at the video to know more about Delve mobile apps.

[youtube id=”05VrH4uX-Mc” width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]

Have you been using Delve at your workplace ? We’d love to hear about your experiences with Delve.


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