Office 2016 launched with clear focus on Collaboration


Last week Microsoft Office 2016 went on sale laced with several new features with more capabilities, and the most important of them is Collaboration. It’s a no brainer that with the new Office 2016, Microsoft is trying to woo their users back who have turned to solutions provided Google, Apple and other word processing and spreadsheet apps. With Office 2016 users have the ability to perform real-time collaboration in PowerPoint, Word and even in Excel.

Since the initial features won’t work in every program at launch, Tuesday’s release can be viewed as planting a flag, Villaron said, showing the direction Microsoft is heading. “We believe the Office 2016 release represents that big shift from ‘me productivity’ to ‘team productivity.” says Shawn Villaron – a group manager for PowerPoint.

Office 2016 includes several “intelligent” tools. Outlook will organize your inbox automatically by trying to determine how you use it. A new search box called Tell me what you want to do on PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Project, Visio and Access, where you can enter words and phrases about what you want to do next and quickly get to features you want to use or actions you want to perform.  When not connected to the Internet, some features will automatically turn off while the document remains accessible.

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