Important News & Announcements Roundup-July

  1. Workplace Analytics solutions and MyAnalytics nudges

Collaboration habits are the foundation of efficient and organized teamwork. Microsoft launched two new features- Workplace Analytics and MyAnalytics nudges.  Read more about these two features in their official link.

  1. Simplifying IT with the latest updates from Windows Autopilot

Windows Autopilot significantly reduce the cost of deploying Windows 10 devices but also delivers an experience that’s magical for users and zero-touch for IT. Read more  about other features here:

  1. Securing the modern workplace with enhanced threat protection services in Office 365

Learn about the latest enhancements for Office 365 threat protection capabilities that help strengthen security for customers using Office 365. Read more about types of threat and how it is protected in the below link

  1. Power BI expands self-service prep for big data, unifies modern and enterprise BI

New capabilities for advanced data prep, enterprise-scale modelling and reporting.  It will help organizations unify their enterprise BI needs on one platform and empower business analysts to leverage data more easily. Read more about here

  1. Easier set up of datasets in Power BI

The most important task in Power BI is connecting the data sets with their data sources.  The new user interface has made the set up easier.  Learn how it made in the following link

  1. Drill Through and Report Server configuration with MDM/EMM tools

Power BI Mobile & Devices team have released two new features. Drill Through features support in all platforms now and  IT administrator can remotely configure employees’ Power BI Mobile app. Read more here

  1. Azure Security Center is now integrated into the subscription experience

Securing your resources is important, which is why we’ve made it even simpler for you to do. Azure Security Center is now generally available in the subscription experience. In just a few clicks, you…