Important News & Announcements Roundup-January

  1. Enriching teamwork across devices

You can now unlock new ways to create and manage content across devices with the new updates for the subscribers. Read more on the official link:

  1. Innovative ways by Office 365 Education n for inclusive and collaborative learning

New learning tools for better results for students and teachers. Read more on the official link:

  1. New ways to use apps and make the most out of Microsoft Teams

Coming up of these features will make Microsoft Teams even more effective by using the apps in the new ways- including the ability to command apps and take quick actions from the command box, as well as include content from an app in a conversation. Read more on the official link:

  1. New options for accessing Cloud Shell

Get the latest command-line experience from multiple access points, including the Azure portal,, the Azure mobile app, Azure docs (for example, Azure CLI 2.0), and the VS Code Azure Account extension. Read more on the official link:

  1. Azure Standard support plan: Cheaper and faster initial response time

Microsoft Azure offers multiple levels of support. Based on our feedback from customers, changes have been made to Azure Standard support. It now offers unlimited 24×7 technical and billing support for the entire organization.

  1. Azure app service on Linux

A Linux web app can be created now by using .NET Core 2.0 as a runtime stack. Read more on the official link:

  1. Latest improvements in the existing features

Here we are listing the features to improve Power BI by enhancing the existing features. This new feature enables you to hide pages and gives you the flexibility over how consumer use your reports. Read more on the official link:

  1. January Updates of Power BI Developer

Power Bi Developer has released the much-requested video supporting visual embedding this month. It gives you the flexibility to choose which visual to show for each user, or switch visuals in the same iframe during the user’s session. Read more on the official link:

  1. Updates for the On-premises data gateway

Announcements on the January update for the On-premises data gateway are listed here. Read more on the official link:

  1. New features in Office 365, SharePoint and OneDrive

The enhancements that allow you to copy files in Office 365 have already been announced last year. It has been improvised further and has given the ability to move files in Office 365 with full fidelity protections for metadata and version management. Read more on the official link:


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