Important News & Announcements Roundup-April

1. Microsoft 365 Business picks up new security features

Advanced protections have been introduced by Microsoft for the Microsoft 365 Business lineup to protect small businesses of up to 300 employees from cyber threats like phishing and ransomware attacks. Read more on the official link:

2. What’s new in Azure Log Analytics – April 2018

Azure Log Analytics now includes the new features and functionalities which comprises View section in Log Analytics Settings menu exposed to two new capabilities. Read more on the official link:

3. OneDrive, Outlook, Other Office Products Get New Security Features

The new security features have been introduced by Microsoft to Office 365’s flagship services, OneDrive and Outlook, for all Home and Personal subscribers. It includes File Restore feature in One Drive, end-to-end encryption feature for emails for and many more.

4. Microsoft unveils new Outlook features coming to all platforms

The new features introduced in Outlook by Microsoft will now help you pay your bills on time with bill pay reminders. The web app can now identify bills in your mail and automatically create calendar events on the due date. Read more about the features on the official link:

5. Microsoft Demotes OneNote 2016, Moves Forward with Modern OneNote

Microsoft has cleared the confusion of two different versions of One Note on Windows by replacing OneNote 2016 by OneNote for Windows 10 for both Office 365 and Office 2019. Although OneNote 2016 will still be there for the people. Read more on the official link:

6. Alerts created in the Operations Management Suite portal can extend into Azure

Log query–based alerts can now be managed for Azure Log Analytics in the OMS and portal. Alerts will be extended in the OMS portal into Azure alerts from May 14, 2018. Monitoring won’t be affected, and there’s no downtime. Read more on the official link:

7. First Preview of Office 2019 Arrives

Office 2019 is now available for testing by Microsoft’s commercial customers. It can now help end users to create amazing content in less time. Read more on the official link:

8. GUID migration: Azure Security Center

The billing process has been changed for Azure Security Center. The billing which was reported on a per-node, per-month basis will now be reported on an hourly basis (per node, per hour) from July 1, 2018, thus increasing granularity in billing. Read more on the official link:

9. Power BI Embedded supports additional mobile gestures

Support for an optimized mobile layout for reports and dashboards was announced previously. Support for two more gestures, Double-click and Swipe are also available in reports now. Read more on the official link:

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