Important News & Announcements Roundup-May

  1. Accelerate your SAP on Azure HANA project with SUSE Microsoft Solution Templates

A new marketplace is being provided by Azure in partnership with SUSE after the launch of M-SERIES/SAP HANA certified Virtual Machines (VMs). It will automate the rapid provisioning of SAP HANA infrastructure in Azure. Read more on the official link:


  1. Safeguard individual privacy rights under GDPR with the Microsoft intelligent cloud

With the implementation of General Data Protection Regular, the responsibility to secure individual privacy rights has increased. Microsoft has always been firm to empower every person and every organization to achieve more. Read more on the link to know how you can use these capabilities to help your organization on the path to GDPR compliance.


  1. Private Offers on Azure Marketplace

Publishers can now create the private offers via Cloud Partner Portal in the Azure Marketplace. It enables them to provide exclusive customized software to their closest customers. Read more on the official link to know more:


  1. Microsoft 365 empowers developers to build intelligent apps for where and how the world works

Microsoft 365 has introduced a set of features to have better coordination between web and application environments for users and developers. Read more the official link to know more about the features:


  1. On-premises data gateway May update is now available

The May update for the On-premises data gateway has been released. It includes Single Sign-On Support using Kerberos for Impala, improved SAP HANA support and much more. Read more on the official link:


  1. Reasons why Azure’s infrastructure is secure

Securing the datacenter infrastructure requires a huge amount of resources and investments without any clear return or investment. Azure is one such cloud which provides platform security. Microsoft spends billions every year to keep it secure. Read more on the official link why Azure’s infrastructure secure and reliable.


  1. Incremental refresh in Power BI Premium

Incremental refresh (preview) is now being supported in the Power BI premium! It will enable large datasets in the Power BI Premium service to provide faster, reliable refreshes. Also, the resource consumption will be reduced. Read more on the official link:


  1. Azure Security Center can identify attacks targeting Azure App Service applications

Azure provides its users with the infrastructure to build and host web applications in the programming language of their choice. Azure Security center can now identify attacks targeting App Service applications, making your web applications less vulnerable to exploitation. Read more details on the official link:








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