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How Yammer boosts employee engagement and what we can gain from it?

    Communication is an integral part of every successful organization. Not only with your external customers, but fostering a healthy internal communication among your employees matters a lot. With the right platform, employees can collaborate better and work together with synergy. The speed of knowledge sharing, new ideas, relevant news and updates is increased when the two way communication among people and different departments is encouraged.

    With an integration of Yammer into SharePoint 2013 social, you can breathe a new life at your enterprise social network. Yammer empowers people at workplace by enabling them to collaborate in real time on multiple projects that span across departments, geographies and business applications. In addition to this, this can also be a platform to encourage and motivate individuals or teams by showing praise, congratulating them on their accomplishments.

    How Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, a dining restaurant chain in US, leveraged the capabilities of Yammer is an interesting read. “Giving employees a business-oriented social network like Yammer-which is aligned to the way they work and communicate in their personal lives- is intuitive, uncomplicated and makes good business sense,” says Chris Laping, CIO and senior vice president of business transformation. From top management to kitchen staff, people at Red Robin used Yammer for effective communication about customer feedback that led to new insights to refine and improve the new recipe and roll it out to restaurants within a month- which would have taken more than a year without Yammer. You can read the full story here.
    The results were impressive. Red Robin was able to achieve not only the greater collaboration among its employees, but also delivered the increased customer satisfaction with significant cost savings.

    At Toolagen, We’ve been using Yammer to drive the better collaboration so as to deliver the best results within time. A significant credit goes to Yammer’s social networking capabilities that has been instrumental for us in delivering the consistent customer satisfaction.
    We have created different groups on Yammer according to nature of work, clients, internal comm, etc. The team shares the updates regarding a task they have finished or started working on. We also encourage knowledge sharing among our people so that everyone stays well informed on the relevant subject matter. These things may look small, but with our experience with such small things have mattered a lot in the long run and have benefited everyone- directly and indirectly.

    What we gain by incorporating Yammer at our workplace?
    • Develop better products and solutions
    • Share new ideas, give feedback, test and improve in quicker time due to real time collaboration
    • Find solutions to issues in quick time by reaching out to experts within organization
    • Maintain a healthy and competitive atmosphere by motivating our people, congratulating them on their wins- small and big
    • Deliver better customer service by sharing the best practices and implementing them

    We have derived so much benefits from using Yammer and continue to do so, and you can too. We encourage you to have a social network for employees at your organization and take your business to the next level in terms of employee engagement, productivity, and profits!