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How Blockchain Can Benefit Insurance Industry? 

    Nowadays, blockchain has become the vogue of the financial market. Recent innovations in financial sector has drifted it towards blockchain ecosystem. It is important to note that blockchain has steered the financial market by offering a better insight of all the transactions.

    Beyond the heightened media attention, the established financial giants from diverse backgrounds such as insurance, investigations, fraud countering have started digging deeper into the blockchain ecosystem.

    Due to several loopholes in the traditional methods, issues such as double spending and money laundering have been choking the growth of insurance sector for decades. After the integration of blockchain technology, multiple users can be served at the same time irrespective of location at individual and personal level.

    Looking at the existing picture portrayed by the business ventures for fraud detection and investigation, it is found that:

    1. Even after the dot com boom, the insurance and fraud detection industries have been sluggish to adopt the latest technological market trends.
    2. The data systems are centralized having numerous fault points resulting into data silos that increase the probability of inefficient data handling.
    3. Due to manual entry of data and paperwork completion, the human error also became a prominent factor in diminishing the authenticity of the data stored for different purposes.
    4. Blockchain has the potential to steer long-term benefits for the insurance and fraud detection industries.

    In-line to this, start a new journey with blockchain in the offing, escalate business profits and eliminate the chances of data exploitation. With the enterprise-grade blockchain deployment in the insurance sector, transparent functioning and immutable documentation can also be achieved efficiently. Characteristics of blockchain are as follows:

    1. It is the latest technology offering accurate, tamper-proof as well as transparent data for various uses.
    2. Most effective solution against data tampering and human generated errors.
    3. Offers interoperability features that can be used for collaborative processes.
    4. It is decentralized and does not require third parties for building trust.
    5. Smoothens the cross-border and cross-industry workflow and exchange of data.

    Blockchain technology offers best in-class tactics to the existing traditional insurance, investigations and anti-money laundering organizations, so that they can achieve higher retention of clients along with writing new chapters in terms of sales and growth. Furthermore, it has the capability to offer higher efficiency, fast growth in addition to delivering competitive advantage over the market.

    Moreover, with the diffusion of blockchain in the existing methods, companies from insurance, fraud countering and financial investigation companies can also steer their business to emerald heights. Blockchain innovation can help industries in these four ways:

    1. Prevention of fraudulent schemes.
    2. Offering inter-operability for effectively carrying out multi-party processes.
    3. Cementing consumer trust.
    4. Smoothening the auditing process through data transparency and immutability.

    Over the past decade, blockchain has steered the attention of many big organizations as it offers a cryptographically safer data protection layer. The tracking feature can also be used by the organizations to get update in real-time about the ownership of properties. These assets can be tracked irrespective of the boundaries.

    Properties of blockchain can also push the adoption rate of new digital trends, by the various industries. This surge in adoption will help in opening numerous doors of opportunities for business collaborations and diverse business models also. 

    Blockchain eliminates the need of third parties for building trust between sender and receiver, thus paving the way for digital transformation. This feature will bridge the existing gaps between the company and its external as well as internal stakeholders.

    Evaluate the number of opportunities blockchain has to offer for your business. Take a step ahead and experience the meteoric rise in sales and customer experience. With the efficient and accurate auditing, the true potential of the company can finally be achieved.

    Blockchain cannot eliminate the numerous frauds, yet it can steer the digital transformation of various insurance, fraud detection and investigation companies in the offing. The dream of digital transformation can be carved only when the insurance industry works along with tech companies. Moreover, the brokers can also take advantage of this emerging technology by embracing the benefits associated with it such as reducing the costs.

    Companies that step up to adopt blockchain technology as early birds will reap the rewards in the form of consumer trust, reduced marginal rates and get the bigger chunk of the total market share. This is the ideal opportunity for industry pioneers to map a broader transformational plan with digitalisation as the key topic and blockchain as the central technique.