Get more productive with these SharePoint 2013 features

  1. Social features

SharePoint 2013 social capabilities help users collaborate in better and easier ways. Community sites, interactive feeds and a facility to integrate Yammer with your SharePoint environment keeps employees connected and work in a close knit network.

  1. Search

With enormous amount of data and content being generated everyday, it becomes a tedious task to find a particular document in quick time. SharePoint helps users to find the information they’re looking for in much faster way. Quick document preview in the browser window has made it much easier and efficient.

  1. Improved Web Content Management

SharePoint 2013 has lot of improvements in terms of web content management. It has multi-lingual and multi-device support, you can embed videos directly into webpages and lot more. With advanced publishing features even public facing internet sites can be made more user-friendly and attractive.

  1. Document Management

Document management in SharePoint 2013 has been made fairly easy and you can have the multiple versions of the documents neatly stored. Document management gives you capabilities to manage the entire life cycle of a document i.e. how they are created, reviewed, and published, and how they are ultimately disposed of or retained. Also, the document sharing has been made extremely easy with drag & drop facility and share with users in one click.

  1. OneDrive for business

With integration of OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive Pro) with SharePoint 2013, you can have your secure place to store your documents and files. And the best part is you can access your files OFFLINE from ANY DEVICE and share them with the users.
You can allow the team members to review and edit content with online Office Web Apps (your device need not have the Office applications installed on it). You can even synchronize files and folders with your computer and mobile device and access them on the go, thus enabling you to increase and maintain the productivity at your workplace.

  1. SharePoint App store

SharePoint App store is a central location for users to find a suitable app to add new functionality to the SharePoint environment they’re working in.  All the apps in the app store have been approved by Microsoft to meet the specified criteria and industry standards. The SharePoint 2013 app store offers great scope for the development of the platform.

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