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Fine-Grained Visual Embedding Powered by Amazon QuickSight is now available.

    Amazon has introduced Fine-Grained Visual Embedding Powered by Amazon QuickSight. Individual visualizations from Amazon QuickSight dashboards may now be incorporated into high-traffic webpages and applications thanks to this functionality. Furthermore, this capability enables you to give comprehensive insights to your end customers where they are most needed, without the requirement for server or software configuration or infrastructure administration.

    A brief overview of the new feature:

    New Amazon Quicksight feature

    Amazon QuickSight is a cloud-based embeddable and ML-powered business intelligence (BI) tool that delivers interactive data visualizations, analysis, and reporting to allow data-driven decision-making within enterprises and with end users without the need for server management.

    Amazon QuickSight offers embedded analytics, allowing you to incorporate branded analytics into internal portals or public websites. Customers may easily include interactive dashboards, natural language querying (NLQ), and the whole BI writing experience in their applications. This makes it easy for your consumers to make data-driven decisions.

    Clients want to incorporate graphics from different dashboards into their apps and websites in order to offer completely integrated data-driven experiences that improve end-user experiences. In order to incorporate individual visualizations, customers historically had to design, scale, and maintain generating layer and charting libraries.

    Because of Fine-Grained Visual Embedding, developers and ISVs may now embed any visual from dashboards into their apps via APIs. Enterprises may incorporate graphics onto their internal web pages.

    Pricing and Inventory

    Fine-Grained Visual Embedding is available in all supported regions. For further details, please see the documentation.