Enterprise Social Resource Center- A Resourceful Knowledge Hub

The paradigm shift brought in by social networking has transformed the ways we do business. Not only we can connect and communicate better, it’s the possibility of giving a personalized experience to your customers and employees is what is exciting!

With Yammer and Office 365 already empowering businesses with their social networking capabilities, Microsoft has launched the Enterprise Social Resource Center, a resourceful website that aims to educate business leaders to facilitate better decision making in the realm of enterprise social network.

“From white papers and Harvard Business Review articles to how-to guides and customers success stories, these educational resources will help you learn how to work like a network and succeed with Enterprise Social technologies.”, says Microsoft on Enterprise Social Resource Center website.

There is lot of informative and up-to-date content available that you can read. Latest industry trends, insights by experts in different areas of technology and business are updated consistently to keep you well-informed.


On the home page you can filter content according to categories such as- IT Leaders, Business Leaders, Industry, Events & Webcasts and More for the Enterprise. Each category expands into many sub-categories where you get access to different articles, videos, webinars etc.

Under the Business Leaders tab, you have links to official Microsoft blogs on Marketing, Finance and Human Resources. In addition to this you get extremely useful insights from industry experts in dedicated sections for marketing, finance and human resources.

Check out this short yet informative piece on how to create contagious content for your customer as found in Reimagining marketing section.

Under the Industry tab, detailed content covering including range of industries like Banking & Capital markets, Hospitality & Travel, Insurance, Power & Utilities, and Telecommunications etc. Also, links to official Microsoft blogs pertaining to some of the aforementioned industries are also there. We found this interesting case study in Hospitality & Travel section on how Helsinki bus firm uses big data to cut fuel use and offer improved transport.


In the Events section, you get a list all the upcoming events across US for you to attend. Also, you get to watch many webinars available in different categories.


If you want even more, you will find it in More for the Enterprise section as shown in the image above. There are lot of resources here, too.



Further down the Home Page content is made available according to Job role such as- Customer Support, Human Resource IT, Marketing, Sales etc. and also topic wise as shown in the image. Check out this whitepaper on How your organization can work like a network in the Employee Engagement topic.



This is a great site for business leaders, IT professionals or even experts to update their knowledge and get insights many important matters of business and technologies. If you happen to be working on any of the Microsoft technologies, or even if you don’t you ought to visit this extremely useful Enterprise Social Resource Center by Microsoft.



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