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7 ways to ensure your startup software is secure

it is important to ensure that your software is secure. Simply investing in a quality security tool isn’t enough to ensure long term protection. Effective software security requires regular focussed development and with a multi-tool strategy. Protect your business from the beginning by following some of these simple steps in startup software protection.

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How bespoke software can help insurers become more flexible

PwC recently published a report highlighting that one of the main issues insurance companies are facing in today’s landscape is flexibility. Flexibility is important not only for the business itself to be able to adapt to challenges

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Top 9 Software Trends from 2021

Software development is a constantly evolving sector with many companies embracing this digital acceleration. Technologies have been emerging and evolving within the sector during 2021. Covid-19 has accelerated this technological progression, resulting in a range of new software trends. Staying up to date on current sector trends will assure your company is prepared for the… Read More »Top 9 Software Trends from 2021

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Benefits of migrating your applications to cloud-native

Cloud native is a software development method that uses cloud computing to build and run applications specifically designed and developed for cloud environments. It allows for the movement of data applications into a cloud-based form.

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Building your SaaS product

SaaS stands for Software as a Service. It is a software distribution model that is hosted and based on a cloud environment.  This makes the software available to everyone over the internet on any device, removing the hassle of having to download software to your computer or devises. This software’s are noted for their flexibility. This… Read More »Building your SaaS product

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5 Great Benefits Of The Cloud

The Cloud can be slightly intimidating. You may have cost concerns, stability concerns, and most importantly security concerns. Reassuringly, using these services improves scalability, and significantly reduces the risk of a cyber security threats.  But first, what is the Cloud exactly? The answer is relatively simple. Most people use these services now. If you have… Read More »5 Great Benefits Of The Cloud