How Blockchain can benefit insurance industry? 

Nowadays, blockchain has become the vogue of the financial market. Recent innovations in financial sector has drifted it towards blockchain ecosystem. It is important to note that blockchain has steered the financial market by offering a better insight of all the transactions. Beyond the heightened media attention, the established financial giants from diverse backgrounds such as insurance, investigations, fraud countering have started digging deeper into the blockchain… Read More »How Blockchain can benefit insurance industry? 

Important News & Announcements Roundup-July

Workplace Analytics solutions and MyAnalytics nudges Collaboration habits are the foundation of efficient and organized teamwork. Microsoft launched two new features- Workplace Analytics and MyAnalytics nudges.  Read more about these two features in their official link. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/blog/2018/07/12/introducing-workplace-analytics-solutions-and-myanalytics-nudging/ Simplifying IT with the latest updates from Windows Autopilot Windows Autopilot significantly reduce the cost of deploying Windows… Read More »Important News & Announcements Roundup-July

Important News & Announcements Roundup-May

Accelerate your SAP on Azure HANA project with SUSE Microsoft Solution Templates A new marketplace is being provided by Azure in partnership with SUSE after the launch of M-SERIES/SAP HANA certified Virtual Machines (VMs). It will automate the rapid provisioning of SAP HANA infrastructure in Azure. Read more on the official link: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-gb/blog/accelerate-your-sap-on-azure-hana-project-with-suse-microsoft-solution-templates/   Safeguard individual… Read More »Important News & Announcements Roundup-May