Important News & Announcements Roundup-April

1. Microsoft 365 Business picks up new security features Advanced protections have been introduced by Microsoft for the Microsoft 365 Business lineup to protect small businesses of up to 300 employees from cyber threats like phishing and ransomware attacks. Read more on the official link: 2. What’s new in Azure Log Analytics – April 2018… Read More »Important News & Announcements Roundup-April

Important News & Announcements Roundup-February

Microsoft 365 prepares for upcoming GDPR changes Microsoft 365 enterprise customers are likely to be helped by Microsoft to utilize Azure to identify and protect pertinent company data to support GDPR compliance. Read more on the official link: Microsoft Planner gets new Schedule view, Group and Filter options and Due date notifications Microsoft has… Read More »Important News & Announcements Roundup-February

How Yammer boosts employee engagement and what we can gain from it?

Communication is an integral part of every successful organization. Not only with your external customers, but fostering a healthy internal communication among your employees matters a lot. With the right platform, employees can collaborate better and work together with synergy. The speed of knowledge sharing, new ideas, relevant news and updates is increased when the… Read More »How Yammer boosts employee engagement and what we can gain from it?

Top 5 benefits of SharePoint Intranet

An Intranet is powerful thing that can be used to boost your organization’s productivity by manifold. The traditional use of intranet is to provide a secure database where your employees could share files, documents, calendars etc. and you could also share the relevant information with your business partners and vendors as well. But Microsoft has… Read More »Top 5 benefits of SharePoint Intranet