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Case Study - DTC


It started as a vision to provide authenticity and immutability to digital evidence and solve a critical issue faced by investigative teams worldwide. 

Toolagen and the DTC formed a close partnership to bring the vision to market, and provides the development team building a leading product using blockchain


The DTC recognised that there are both great opportunities and threats within the digital capabilities of law enforcement. They were looking to explore new technologies, such as, cloud infrastructure and blockchain. Using their extensive knowledge of the sector and a strong conviction of their concept, which if executed well, could solve a critical problem of digital intelligence authenticity. They wanted to explore the possibility of creating a system which can easily be used by the end user, without installing anything on their computer or phone, and could be used for the capture and maintenance of digital material with integrity. There were many products in the market but none of them were specifically designed for digital evidence purposes. This presented an opportunity with the right investment to create a unique workflow specifically suited for investigation and digital evidence purposes.
The DTC reached out to Toolagen as a leading software development company to work with them to develop their products.


There was a need for a robust solution to maintain the authenticity and integrity of the digital information.
Toolagen and the DTC worked in partnership with the DTC bringing sector knowledge and a team that was able to define and manage the full end to end delivery so that the Toolagen developers could focus on the application coding. The proof of concept focussed on the core technical challenge and delivered a working Proof of Concept that focused on the need for tamper evident capability.
Following successful trials the DTC invested in developing a unique capability. This was the start of a close partnership that has bloomed over the years with the company providing the design, security overlay and expertise for Toolagen’s developers to make a real difference.
“The Toolagen team is absolutely fantastic. In fact, I’ve got a better relationship with Toolagen than any other software developer I’ve worked with before!”
Our partnered work has enabled us to build leading products that utilise the latest technologies. We use the latest AI features and as a partnership we continue to research and develop new opportunities. We chose to adopt Microsoft Azure as a native cloud solution to benefit from its robustness, elasticity and scalability of the cloud. It epitomises the best of what technology has to offer and solves some of the data and information integrity concerns of our times.

As shown in the picture, our developers added important features for the ease of navigation and to help end-users find the solutions they seek. The experts successfully integrated ChatGPT to generate the accurate outcome for the end-users.  

Previously, the client had a system which enabled a single user to have multiple login accounts for different roles. Our developers tweaked this feature so each user will have a single account and based on the roles, the user will access the different parts of the application.   


This was and continues to be a fulfilling partnership between the two expert companies. It demonstrates how a true partnered approach can be used to bring concepts through research to a successfully marketable product. The DTC has been able realise its mission to bring a new set of digital capabilities to the market with immutability at its core. Our partnership has enabled the DTC to diversify its business to adopt other revenue streams and continue investing in innovative concepts for the future.
The partnership continues to grow and Toolagen has been able to build on this success and expand its services. Both companies continue to collaborate on many other projects.
Emphasising the value Toolagen has added, the DTC CEO states: “Toolagen were exactly what we wanted and needed, they have become our trusted development partner”.