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Absolute Partnership is a leading fraud and investigation specialist who are defining the roadmap for combating and preventing fraud in the UK and around the world.


To develop a definitive catalogue of every car in the UK. Validating vehicle identity, to aid the fight against insurance fraud and vehicle crime.


Absolute needed to implement its idea in the best possible way to make it practically viable. Along with speed, it also wanted to focus on data accuracy. Toolagen utilised Windows Azure to host and present this solution. It also heavily relied on the Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB to store and index large number of truly schema free NoSQL data.

Utilising cutting edge technologies like Cosmos DB, Azure SQL Server, Azure Functions, Web API and Angular JS, the Toolagen team developed and supported this application over the years.
We collaborated with the Absolute them to build an application which scanned through millions of records and delivered results extremely fast. It also integrated with a lot of internal data sources available to Absolute.


This application was successfully received and used by various Fraud Investigation teams and Insurance clients of Absolute.