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Case Study for T-Cup


T-Cup is a health and wellness Service Provider based in the UK. It offers holistic wellness solutions for organisations and teams in the corporate sector. It aims to boost employee relationships and nurture a positive work environment within organisations. They have a team of doctors, physiotherapists and coaches to guide their consumers to better health.  


T-Cup previously had an application, known as wellcup, that required a few crucial functionalities and features. The objective behind this app was to improve their potential clients’ mental and physical wellbeing and boost the overall employee retention.  

The app didn’t have an impactful interface to provide useful and engaging insights to the potential clients. Thus, the client felt the need to upgrade to a more interactive and user-friendly app.  

Additionally, they needed help with stabilising their IT infrastructure and provide a better IT strategy.  


Our experts carried out in-depth research and planning before developing the additional features for the app. The developers carefully worked to add relevant features that aligns with the purpose that T-Cup stood for. 

As shown in the picture, our developers added important features for the ease of navigation and to help end-users find the solutions they seek. The experts successfully integrated ChatGPT to generate the accurate outcome for the end-users.  

Previously, the client had a system which enabled a single user to have multiple login accounts for different roles. Our developers tweaked this feature so each user will have a single account and based on the roles, the user will access the different parts of the application.   


Our assistance with T-Cup’s wellbeing app made it more organised and allowed users to find optimum wellbeing solutions. The features our developers added to the app helped the end-users have better understanding of their wellbeing and improved their motivation.  

Furthermore, the application went through a continuous maintenance and support phase. This empowered the solution to work flawlessly in the long run.