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A global provider of distinctive, high quality ingredients and solutions to the food, beverage and other industries.


The client wanted to give their users a better tailored mobile experience while accessing their intranet from iPhones.


The client needed the right technical guidance with right implementation to bring its employees and partners together on mobile platform so that they can collaborate with ease and whenever they want.

The default mobile interface given in SharePoint for intranets didn’t meet requirements for the intranet which was not responsive. On the other hand, just making the site(intranet) responsive didn’t fulfill the expectations of the client.

So, we decided to re-use the same html markup generated by the controls in the intranet and inject it in the responsive master-page which reduced the development time significantly.

We were able to extract the content from every page in the client’s intranet. We created mobile layouts for each page layout and we had a custom logic to handle rendering in the expected format in mobile phones.


The new & improved intranet saw significant rise in the number of users logging onto it. It has empowered the workforce to stay connected on their mobile devices and collaborate anytime to deliver the better customer service, manage multiple projects on the go, share ideas, review work and do lot more.

How we did this

At Toolagen, we’ve mastered agile methodology to deliver the projects in tight schedule. Using the scrum process, we conducted sprint planning sessions where we clearly defined, prioritized and estimated the various tasks in order to design the right solution.

In each sprint session, a set of detailed tasks were allocated to members in the development team and thereby create a set of deployment milestones which could be used to deploy integrated solution to a test environment. Once all the tasks which were part of a milestone were completed, then a release was deployed to a test server where integration testing was carried out.

Regular updates and weekly status reports were shared with the client to help the discussions in future sprints to remain focused on the important features according to the technical requirements. This also helped the development team to come up with innovative solutions so as to provide the greatest return on investment.