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The client is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative, accurate and reliable testing equipment. They supply testing equipment to electrical contractors across the UK market. They have pioneered the art of building electrical testing accessories that facilitate faster and safer testing. These safety devices are highly effective for the electrical & electronic manufacturing industry. 


The client recognised that storing documents and files physically takes up a considerable amount of time and unnecessary manual labour. This, in turn, minimises the productivity of the employees.  Moreover, most of these documents consist of crucial information that the employees may need to access from time to time. The clients realised that physical documents are always at risk of being lost or damaged due to unforeseen accidents or during transportation.  

Additionally, accumulating relevant data from the past and present becomes a tedious process which can be easily resolved with an efficient document tracking and management system. Accessibility issues with the documents were disrupting their day-to-day operations.  

The client approached Toolagen with an intuitive and standard system for uploading, tracking and retrieving multiple documents.


Being a distinguished testing equipment manufacturer, our clients are entrusted with multiple projects at the same time. For every single project, they had to upload, track and retrieve multiple documents. The team of experts at Toolagen provided an appropriate solution, in the form of a document tracking system, which made it easier for the client to handle multiple projects. The team offered the solution through SharePoint.  

This document tracking system helps in easing the process of uploading new documents. It has also made it convenient for the client to properly track the updated documents. Moreover, the client can also search and find the existing documents easily. 


With the implementation of a sophisticated system to manage their documents, it provided easy access to the documents and accelerated employee productivity. It allowed the clients to maintain effective management of the multi-format documents simultaneously. Furthermore, it also helped bolster the security of crucial documents and information associated with the organisation.