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The client is a global provider of distinctive, high-quality ingredients and solutions to food, beverage, and other industries.


Being a noted global food company, the client allows its consumers to create new delicacies and create a recipe book write which includes the ingredients used by them in the process. Without a proper system, the process of approval, rejection or reassignment process of the documents proved to be too tedious. They reached out to Toolagen with the requirement to develop a workflow using SharePoint for the approval, rejection or reassignment of the documents.


The primary purpose of the project was workflow approval, rejection or reassignment. The SharePoint document library is used to store the documents in it once they are approved for publishing. Thus, our task was to develop the workflow using SharePoint for them. 

Once the user writes and submits the documents, an email notification is sent to an approval team before publishing the document. Since every document has a specific review date, we designed and integrated a small tool that notifies the users to review, within 2-3 days. 


This process allowed our client to manage their business well with fewer errors, which led to lower risks. A proper workflow also saves time and increases productivity. The entire review process is simplified through the completely redesigned workflow infrastructure.