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Our client is a successful online retailer based in Redhill, Surrey. They are one of the leading names in the online retail industry and are known for selling a wide variety of toys for children of all age groups, gifts and décor items. 


The client previously maintained a traditional pricing system which involved manual record-keeping and an extensive amount of paperwork. As a result, they were facing major difficulties with managing and organizing their pricing system. Hence, they demanded a systematic, digital solution to manage the data securely. The Toolagen team transferred the old system onto the new one. 


The new system had options to enter the invoices and prices of every product. With the help of the system, the client was able to manage the delivery, damage verification, and quality verification easily and effectively.  

Later, we added another reporting feature to the system. It helps the user to keep track of the old price and the current price.  There is an alerting system that provides the details about both prices. Thus, it was possible to create an efficient solution through the latest technologies used by our team. This led to our client having a more sorted, systematic and organised pricing system.


The client found a more streamlined system and had easy access to everything. The process became more transparent and less time-consuming. It also improved the overall productivity and speed of the work. The data became more secure. It also helped generate accurate reports and real-time data, as per their preference. Majorly, the new system improved the accessibility to important financial information.