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Benefits of Cloud Migration

Benefits of Migrating Your Applications to Cloud-Native

    Cloud native is a software development method that uses cloud computing to build and run applications specifically designed and developed for cloud environments. It allows for the movement of data applications into a cloud-based form.

    Bespoke Software Utility Insurance Industry

    Why is Bespoke Software Crucial for the Insurance Industry?

      Bespoke software provides your business with all the necessary features relevant to your team. Developed from scratch, bespoke software offers solutions developed from scratch, tailored to your business’ specific requirements. There is a growing need within the insurance sector to strengthen software as a result of the industry progressing into the digital age. In order… Read More »Why is Bespoke Software Crucial for the Insurance Industry?

      5 Benefits of Cloud

      5 Great Benefits Of The Cloud

        The Cloud can be slightly intimidating. You may have cost concerns, stability concerns, and most importantly security concerns. Reassuringly, using these services improves scalability, and significantly reduces the risk of a cyber security threats.  But first, what is the Cloud exactly? The answer is relatively simple. Most people use these services now. If you have… Read More »5 Great Benefits Of The Cloud

        blockchain for insurance

        How Blockchain Can Benefit Insurance Industry? 

          Nowadays, blockchain has become the vogue of the financial market. Recent innovations in financial sector has drifted it towards blockchain ecosystem. It is important to note that blockchain has steered the financial market by offering a better insight of all the transactions. Beyond the heightened media attention, the established financial giants from diverse backgrounds such as insurance, investigations, fraud countering have started digging deeper into the blockchain… Read More »How Blockchain Can Benefit Insurance Industry?