Important News & Announcements Roundup-February

Microsoft 365 prepares for upcoming GDPR changes Microsoft 365 enterprise customers are likely to be helped by Microsoft to utilize Azure to identify and protect pertinent company data to support GDPR compliance. Read more on the official link: Microsoft Planner gets new Schedule view, Group and Filter options and Due date notifications Microsoft has… Read More »Important News & Announcements Roundup-February

Important News & Announcements Roundup-January

Enriching teamwork across devices You can now unlock new ways to create and manage content across devices with the new updates for the subscribers. Read more on the official link: Innovative ways by Office 365 Education n for inclusive and collaborative learning New learning tools for better results for students and teachers. Read more… Read More »Important News & Announcements Roundup-January

A simple overview of GDPR

What is GDPR General Data Protection Act is the result of years of efforts by the EU to bring data protection legislation into line with current, previously unforeseen ways the data has been used in the changing times. It has some similarities with UK’s Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA General Data Protection Act is the… Read More »A simple overview of GDPR

Addressing Top 5 Manufacturing challenges using Office 365 and SharePoint

Now more than ever, the way we utilise technology can enable businesses to grow more successfully. The fact is, businesses today are no longer fixed to an office environment. Many, provide or require flexibility within their operating hours and locations, in order to deliver what is needed. Your employee’s value flexible work environments that support… Read More »Addressing Top 5 Manufacturing challenges using Office 365 and SharePoint