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Delivering High-performing Bespoke Solutions to Facilitate the Growth of your business

What Makes Us Trustworthy

For over 14 years, we have diligently worked with businesses to provide them with tailored software solutions based on their specific requirements. Thus, if you’re in search of a bespoke software development company that understands your requirements and creates solutions that align with your business, then you’re in the right place. 

Customised Software Products

When you’re struggling to streamline a unique function of your organisation, commercial or off-the-shore solutions often prove to be ineffective. Your business requires a specific solution aligned to its needs to give it a competitive advantage. Our cutting-edge bespoke software products result in seamless and efficient business processes.

Scalability Of Your Business

As you identify new requirements for your business, new opportunities to optimise your operational workflow may emerge. Our technical expertise reflects in your custom solutions which helps with the growing requirements of your business. Thus, maintaining scalability is hassle-free with our bespoke product development services.  

Complete Cost-efficiency

At Toolagen, we function with the belief that budget constraints shouldn't hinder the growth of a business. This reflects in our pricing policies as well. Our software development services are reasonably priced and provide complete value for money when you approach us with your requirements.

Secure By Design

We thoroughly test and ensure that the solutions we design are secure and pass your enterprise security requirements. We have a lot of experience in developing secure enterprise applications and can design specifically to your enterprise security requirements. Security testing of our applications is an inherent part of our development process.

Customised Software Products – You Imagine it, We Deliver It

We have maintained our expertise in building diverse types of user-friendly solutions. Share your specific requirements for the software solutions and leave all the hard work to us.  


Our solutions are built to simplify and automate complex operations, which enhances the internal operations of your business. We develop bespoke cloud or on premise products that lead your business to greater scalability and higher revenue.


We are aware that high performance, security and cost-efficiency are three major considerations when it comes to building cloud-based bespoke software products. We develop the applications keeping these considerations in mind, which tick all the right boxes.

Multi-platform Applications

If your business firmly believes in the principle ‘build once, run anywhere’, our bespoke software development services will uphold it. We deliver multi-platform apps that are compatible with multiple devices and platforms.

Our Efficiency Translates Into Scalable Bespoke Software Products

For over a decade, we have delivered sophisticated solutions to businesses irrespective of their size. Our unwavering efficiency and expertise reflect in the way we focus on the pain points of our esteemed clients and provide unmatched solutions.  

Whether large enterprises or SMEs, our impactful bespoke software development service have contributed to seamless and efficient business operations through our cutting-edge solutions. Here are the client success stories that speak for Toolagen’s efficiency.  

Case Study: Insurance Claim Management

Insurance Claim Management System 

Background Zurich is a leading multi-line insurance service provider with a prominent presence in 200 countries and territories around the world. The company, founded over 150 years ago, has been…
Regulatory Data Workflow

Regulatory Data Workflow

Background The client is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative, accurate and reliable testing equipment. They supply testing equipment to electrical contractors across the UK market. They have pioneered…

Efficient Bespoke Software Development Process

For over a decade, we have continuously channelised our expertise in developing robust bespoke SaaS products which translate into the success of your business. We follow a rigorous process that upholds your specific business requirements and provides efficient solutions based on that. Our customised software products have been developed using our perfected development process.

Analysing The Requirements

We devote a significant amount of time to identifying the objectives and vision behind the customized software products your business requires. We carefully consider specific pain points that the bespoke software is intended to resolve.

Planning and Documentation

We create elaborate plans for the different phases of development while prioritizing the deliverables. While planning, we ensure there’s sufficient room for discussions and feedback from stakeholders of your company.

Focusing on the Design
and Architecture

Our gifted experts wield their design skills to prepare technical architectures which result in secure and powerful solutions for your business. Their design expertise ensures the solutions are scalable and yet cost-efficient.


Our skilled developers are committed to providing you with robust solutions for your business, following the industry best practices and code conventions. The developers steadfastly follow the agile methods for bespoke product development.

Extensive Quality
Assurance and Testing

We put immense emphasis on quality assurance (QA) and testing to provide high-value bespoke software solutions. We conduct rigorous testing processes to minimise errors and maintain the efficiency of the software or applications.

Maintenance and

We understand that maintenance is an integral part of ensuring your software solutions run seamlessly and without errors. Our team of experts monitor the software systems carefully so that you can focus on more meaningful and complex tasks.

Need cost-effective bespoke software solutions? Our relentless support is always with you!

We Leverage Sophisticated Technologies

Every bespoke software product we develop is driven by a set of pathbreaking technologies at its core. We put major emphasis on using these technologies to ensure the efficiency of your customised solutions.  


We leverage the powers of artificial intelligence and machine learning to simplify and automate otherwise time-consuming processes through our software and applications. Our expertise in various areas of AI such as conversational AI and Natural Language Processing reflects in the bespoke solutions we build.

Cloud Computing

Our developers are equipped with knowledge of all the prominent cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. They ensure the optimum utilisation of these platforms based on your specific requirements.

Blockchain Technology

Whether your business requires a smart contract or an NFT marketplace, our developers will deliver the perfect solutions. Our developers have maintained a brilliant track record for providing secure and practical blockchain solutions for clients across the finance and insurance industries.

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