5 Qualities of A Good SharePoint Consultant


  • He asks better questions more often

A good consultant asks more questions, better questions and more often as he wants to understand what exactly client wants, what he wishes to achieve with SharePoint.  That’s why he’s not afraid to ask probing questions, ask for more explanation to have his vision very clear to come up with the optimum way to arrive at the best solution. A good consultant acts as a guide rather than an inanimate signboard.

  • He has massive experience of handling varied projects

SharePoint is BIG and COMPLEX; it means different things to different people and there’s no one size fits all thing with SharePoint. SharePoint combines traditionally separate applications like content management, document management, enterprise search, workflow management, web content management, intranets, enterprise social networking etc.

A good consultant must know how to optimize each part that makes up SharePoint what it is to deliver a successful project. For this, he must have loads of experience with different aspects of SharePoint and he should have handled a range of varied projects.

  • He’s not shy of demos

Initially during the requirements gathering phase a good consultant explains the features and benefits of a particular feature of SharePoint, he does it with a live demo with the client. It gives clear picture to the client about what can be done and what can’t be. It’s important to actually ‘show’ when a consultant talks about how the SharePoint is going to work for that particular case. And a good consultant always do demos which gives in-depth view of the project to the client.

  • He clearly understands the product and Microsoft road-map

He’s up-to-date with the knowledge of the upcoming versions and developments of Microsoft products and every little tweak in the current products and applications. He is able to suggest the best possible solution with such knowledge,  by analyzing the pros and cons for every scenario.

  • He’s focused on giving best returns for client’s investment

He knows what is possible via out of box, low code and full trust code solutions and is not afraid to suggest the correct option along with the disadvantages of each approach.

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