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Turning your vision into reality

We create software solutions for your business. Our highly specialised software development teams are focused on your success.

What Makes Toolagen A Right Choice?

At Toolagen, we are committed to transforming business processes digitally across diverse industries. Our continuous assistance allows you to overcome multiple challenges that you may encounter while carrying out your business operations. With our bespoke software development services, you’ll reap various benefits at once.  

Gifted Developers

Opting for our bespoke software development company allows you to work with some of the most skilled developers and experts. Our developers always bring their expertise to offer cutting-edge solutions that are tailored according to your specific business needs.


We never let money come in the way of your business’ growth and prosperity. Our expert teams are known to work under a strict budget. We draw up careful agreements at the very beginning of a project which outline the required budget. Our customised software development services fit right into your budget.

We Nurture Relationships

At Toolagen, we firmly believe in maintaining a long-term relationship with our clients. For over a decade, we have served our clients with utmost sincerity and efficiency through our bespoke software solutions. We always prioritise your specific business requirements when developing sophisticated enterprise solutions.

Scalable Business Model

We extend our expertise to find areas that are best suited to bring maximum value to your business. Based on your specific needs, our flexible business model provides you with the choice to increase or decrease the size of your dedicated team at any point in the software development lifecycle.

Our Services Are Targeted For Multiple Bespoke Software Solutions

Our bespoke software company caters to businesses from diverse industries irrespective of their size. Our services are aimed at upholding your specific business objectives and we ensure that the solution we provide leads to long-term growth.  

Bespoke Solutions for Enterprise

We blend both unique and time-tested methodologies when developing your tailored software. Our team of efficient experts work tirelessly to design, develop and deliver bespoke software to propel the growth of your enterprise beyond your expectations. With our expertise, we ensure your enterprise solutions simplify and automate your business processes for optimum efficiency.

Custom Applications For Startups

We employ cutting-edge technology to build scalable bespoke applications which allows us to add value to your business processes. Whether it’s web or mobile applications, we have the resources and expertise to provide the right kind of solutions that aligns with your business. Hence, our bespoke software solutions always live up to your expectations.

Software For Government Sector

In over a decade-long existence, we have served several government organisations and public sector establishments by building robust solutions. Our custom software development services develop software solutions by following specific compliances and regulations. We always uphold the need for efficiency and scalability when building software solutions for the government sector.

The Efficiency Of Our Bespoke Software Services Speaks Volumes

Our bespoke product development services have been acknowledged by our esteemed clients time and again for the efficiency we bring to the table. When you approach us for our continuous support, we’ll help you overcome every challenge that comes in the way of your business’ growth.  The efficiency of our customised software development services is evident through the quality of the bespoke solutions we produce.  

Our Work


Regulatory Data Workflow

Background The client is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative, accurate and reliable testing equipment. They supply testing equipment to electrical contractors across the UK market. They have pioneered…

Process Workflow

Background The client is a global provider of distinctive, high-quality ingredients and solutions to food, beverage, and other industries. Challenge Being a noted global food company, the client allows its…

Inventory Management

Background The client is a distinguished online retailer based in Redhill, Surrey. They have maintained a prominent presence in the online retail market space. They majorly focus on selling a…

Pricing Management

Background Our client is a successful online retailer based in Redhill, Surrey. They are one of the leading names in the online retail industry and are known for selling a…

A Peek Into Our Processes

Once you approach us for software development, we guide you at every step of the way. Our relentless assistance results in a robust and scalable solution that accelerates the growth of your business.  


Our experts on tailored software solutions devote an extensive amount of time to planning, discussing and assessing the diverse needs of businesses. We help you identify gaps, and propose solutions. We put immense emphasis on the planning, as it sets the pace foundation for the subsequent stages.

Design Prototyping

Our gifted designers visualise the user interface and user experience and create a detailed prototype. They’re well-versed in various prototyping tools to determine the look and feel of the final product. The designers will ensure the product is responsive and user-friendly.

Faster Development

Our developers work diligently to turn product specifications and business requirements into code that builds the final product. These professionals will cross every milestone within the set timeframe when developing custom software solutions. Additionally, you have the convenience of keeping track of the progress of your project.

Rigorous Testing

Before getting your software or application ready for launch, it’s imperative to carry out various levels of test for quality assurance. This step will highlight any major issues with the user experience and security. Our experts never compromise on this phase of the software development process.


Once your specific product is thoroughly tested and the underlying issues are fixed, you can deploy it in the market. Since we always uphold the quality of your bespoke software, we only proceed with the deployment once the product is completely ready for market.

Maintenance and Support

We invest a significant amount of time to provide maintenance and support for your software products. Our experts fix bugs and errors on a regular basis to ensure your systems run effortlessly. With our bespoke software development service, the quality of your software or application remains top-notch.

Looking to digitally transform your business by innovating software which gives you an edge over your competitors?

Technologies And Approaches We Employ

The quality of your software systems depends on the technology used to develop them. We are always ahead in this aspect, as we implement advanced and emerging technologies when building solutions.  

Microsoft Partner

When you opt for our bespoke software development company to work with, you get to explore a vast array of Microsoft’s services. We empower your products with the best technologies to maintain their efficacy.

Agile Project Management

We believe in maintaining a thorough project management process to meet clients' expectations, avoid budget overruns, and reduce risks. Adopting the agile method allows us to deliver a software product without any glitches from scope to deployment.

Various Emerging Technologies

Our expertise in many evolving technologies such as AI, blockchain and cloud computing works in your business’ favour. Our experts know how to tap into these technologies to enhance the capabilities of your specific products.

What Our Clients Say

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